Heartstrings also play Native American-style flutes, modeled after the wooden flutes that were made and played primarily by the plains tribes such as the Lakota. Nancy and Rob have collected numerous flutes in different keys, from different woods, and by different makers.

Most players of Native flutes seek to create an American Indian sound and feel, and play the flutes either solo or with percussion and/or other instruments. Heartstrings has chosen a less traveled path. Nancy and Rob explore primarily Celtic and American folk tunes, using various combinations of flutes, with a melodic and harmonic interplay that audiences find unique and arresting.

Listeners who are unfamiliar with Native American flutes find them fascinating. Those who have heard Native flutes before are intrigued by the music and style that they hear from Nancy and Rob.

Heartstrings can present a most interesting program on the Native American flute to your organization, including the flute's history, construction, woods used, its role in Native American culture, and a demonstration of some of their flutes. They can also present a stage show or provide background music, either on flutes alone or with sets on dulcimer and bass as well.